Is CashCall available in every state?

CashCall's small business loan division is rapidly expanding nationwide and is currently available in AL, CA, DC, DE, ID, HI, KS, LA, ME, MO, MS, NE, NM, OH, SC, UT, VA and WI. Your business must be operating in the state where the loan is available.

What type of business can qualify?

Any type of business is eligible for the CashCall Business Loan, ranging from a home-based consultant to internet based companies. Sole proprietorships are also eligible. You must be in business for a minimum of two months with income and sales, be in a for-profit industry, and have a business bank account.

What can the loan be used for?

The loan can be used for nearly any business purpose, including start-up financing, working capital, equipment financing, purchasing inventory, and hiring new staff.

Do you run a credit report on the owner of the business?

Yes. We will run a credit report on the owner of the business in the application stage. Also, we will report monthly performance to the personal and business credit bureaus.

What other payment methods does CashCall accept?

In addition to automatic monthly deductions from your business checking account, other forms of payments include, but not limited to: check, cashier's check, MoneyGram, and ACH. Please contact us at 1-877-525-2274 for more information.