Now Let's Talk Numbers

Not all applicants will qualify for our loan products or for the lowest interest rate for a particular loan product. Pricing and the amount qualified for will vary, depending on the business and the owner’s situation.

Below is a representative example of a business seeking $10,000 for a loan for their business.

How much do you get?

Loan Amount Origination Fee (Deducted from Proceeds) Borrower Proceeds
$10,000 $500 - $1,000 $9,000 - $9,500

How much do you pay?

Payments on the loan are made on a monthly basis with terms ranging from 2 to 10 years. The amount you will pay is based on various factors such as the business owner’s credit worthiness and the term of the loan. 

Overall Score of Applicant Loan Amount $50,000 - $100,000
Interest Rate Starting payments at** Max Loan Term
Excellent 24% $1029.14 180 mo

  ** Monthly payments based on a loan amount $50,000

Overall Score of Applicant Loan Amount $3,500 - $75,000
Interest Rate Starting payments at* Max Loan Term       
Excellent 24% $77.17 120 mo
Good 39% $116.25 120 mo
Average 69% $201.5 120 mo
Low 94% $274.2 120 mo
Poor 119% $348.28 60 mo
Very Poor 149% $462.45 24 mo

  * Monthly payments based on a loan amount $3,500.00. Minimum loan amount will vary by states.

Can I repay early?

Yes. Repaying your loan early can save you on your interest expense, so we recommend you pay off the loan as soon as possible. Many customers also make partial repayments if they can’t afford to pay off the loan entirely. We have no hidden fees for early repayment and you will save money as we only charge interest for the days that you borrow. If you would like to make prepayments or pay the loan off early, call us at (877) 525-2274 and one our agents will gladly assist you. For payment options, please refer to our FAQ.

Example Scenarios

Loan Size $15,000
Origination Fee 10% of $15,000 = $1,500
Total Funds Wired $13,500
Interest Rate 39%
Terms of the Loan 120 Months
Minimum Monthly Payments $498.23
  Scenario 1  Scenario 2 Scenario 3
  Pay off in 10 days Pay off in 6 months
(equal payments of $2,791.95)
Pay Minimum Monthly Payments for Full Term of Loan
Time to Pay Off 10 days 6 months 120 months
Total Payments $15,162.50 $16,751.70 $59,787.67
Total Financing Costs
(including fee)
$1,662.50 $3,251.70 $46,287.67
Total Financing Costs
(as % of Funds Wired)
12.31% 24.09% 332.48%
(we suggest you pay off early, even though you can keep the loan for 120 months)

Can I borrow again?

We only let customers have one loan at a time, so you will have to repay your loan before we give you another loan. By repaying your loan responsibly you will qualify for lower origination fees on additional loans and may qualify for a lower rate and a higher borrowing limit. In addition, you may be building your credit.

Representative Example
Amount of 2nd Loan (if qualified) $30,000
Origination Fee 5% = $1,500 (compared to 10%)
Total Funds Wired to You $28,500 (Origination fee deducted from total amount)